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Facial, Massage, Acupuncture



Helps to reduce fine lines, age spots, relieve dehydrated skin and also fight to reverse aging. Our relaxing facials are curated to pamper various skin types and to address a variety of skin issues.


Facial Packages

$120 Bespoke Deep Cleansing Facial

A deep cleansing facial designed to tighten, revitalize, and rejuvenate the skin. This facial is curated for each skin type and enhanced with aromatherapy.


$135 HydroJelly Mask facial

This personalized facial is curated to benefit your skin. The type of hydro jelly mask applied depends on the individual needs of your skin. 


$165 Anti-Aging Hydrojelly Facial

This facial is designed to enhance the skin’s natural renewal process. The facial massage, cupping, hydro jelly mask, and red light therapy, along with thermotherapy, will help to diminish hyperpigmentation and spots, tighten the skin, and reduce fine lines and wrinkles.


$120 Men's Alloy Facial

While men and women have different challenges when it comes to skincare, men should never avoid specialized maintenance, as well as, their daily regimen. This facial is specifically curated to benefit men's skin, includes a Moroccan clay or charcoal mask, and is enhanced with aromatherapy.


$120 Back Facial w/aromatherapy

Treat the skin on your back the same way you treat the skin on your face. This treatment can help rid the back of acne while also increasing your confidence, relaxing your soul and more.

*Add a sauna session: 20 minutes - $40 / 40 minutes - $75


V-steaming is an ancient East African practice to cleanse the vagina, help regulate the menstrual cycle (when performed regularly), ease the pain of period cramps and bloating, and aid in healing and soothing after childbirth.

(accommodates up to 2 ppl at a time)


$38 - 10 min Traditional Yoni Steam w/Aromatic Herbal Blend and Light therapy

Recommended for women with sensitivities.


$65 - 30 min Traditional Yoni Steam w/Aromatic Herbal Blend and Light therapy

$75 for 30 min - Infrared Sauna Yoni Steam w/Aromatic Herbal Blend (Waterless) and Light therapy- Infrared Yoni Sauna is an alternative to the traditional yoni steam.


Give your sacred body your full attention. Vajacials can treat hyperpigmentation, ingrown hairs and breakouts following a hair removal treatment. This service includes steam, deep cleanse, exfoliation, extractions, a mask, serum and moisturizer.


$55 - 30 min service

Body Scrub

Give your body an exfoliating scrub.  Enjoy an intensely rejuvenating and relaxing experience that polishes your dull and tired skin and reveals the soft new skin that waits underneath. Your body will be cleaned from the neck down with special exfoliants, oils, and moisturizers (excludes the front of the torso and private areas). 


$135 - 50 min service

*Add a sauna session: 20 minutes - $40 / 40 minutes - $75



Our massages help you to reduce stress and increase relaxation; to reduce pain and muscle soreness or tension; and to improve circulation, energy, and alertness. We specialize in Swedish, Lymphatic, Deep Tissue, Prenatal, Cupping, Hot Stones and Stretching.


Acupuncture is very beneficial for relieving discomfort due to a variety of ailments including chemotherapy (nausea), dental pain, fibromyalgia, headaches, labor pain, neck and back pain, and more.


60 minutes - $150

60 minutes with cupping - $165
60 minutes with hot stones - $175

90 minutes - $180

90 minutes with cupping - $195
90 minutes with hot stones - $205

*Add a sauna session: 20 minutes - $40 / 40 minutes - $75


Initial Session 90 min (includes 30 min consultation) - $190
60 minutes  - $170

90 minutes - $210


*Add a sauna session: 20 minutes - $40 / 40 minutes - $75


Service Add-Ons

$45 - 15 min

Royal Hand Treatment – Rose Petal Water Cleansing, Sugar & Grapeseed Oil Scrub / Collagen Hand Mask /

Hot towels / Pressure Point Stress Relieving Massage / Paraffin Wax

$30 for 20 min

Light Therapy - Used to lessen the effects of some types of depression, chronic pain, sleep disorders, psoriasis, eczema, acne and even jet lag. It can also help balance hormones and circadian rhythm (the body's sleep-wake cycle), heal wounds and injuries, reduce inflammation and reverse sun damage.

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